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In order to meet the safety standards of government agencies and the Grand Rapids Fire Department, all guests, including VIP bottle service members, are required to obtain an Eve entry stamp to gain access to the nightclub.


Stamps will be given out starting at 10PM in the main lobby on the 1st floor of The B.O.B. We open at 11PM so get there early to guarantee entry. Women may enter Eve for no additional charge. There is a $5 cover charge for men to enter Eve which is taken at the host stand. There is a $5 entertainment charge for all guests to enter The B.O.B. on Fridays and Saturdays, with the exception of Fridays, when women may enter the building for free.


A guest will only receive a stamp after verification of their age (usually done with a wrist band given to guests at the outer doors starting at 9PM or by an ID check) and a dress code compliance check. Eve is 21+ at all times. Please refer to our dress code here.

Looks we love at Eve Nightclub.


Guest list for the building does not guarantee admission into Eve. Only VIP Bottle Service guarantees advance entry into the building and Eve. For VIP Bottle service inquiries please contact our concierge.


There will be a separate advance entry line for VIP Bottle Service Guests. In order to use this line, the guest must know the first and last name of the person in charge of the bottle service. This line is located right next to the general admission line.


As we approach capacity, stamping will be slowed or stopped in order to maintain a safe and fun environment in Eve. An overcrowded venue can cause several delays and dangers during an emergency.


As you wait please be patient and courteous to other guests and staff. Our security team will try to keep all guests updated on the wait time but delays happen. We can not admit more guests until other guests have left.

Eve Nightclub @ The B.O.B.