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B.O.B.’s Brewery (est. 1997) is the first microbrewery to open in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. In the two decades that followed, Grand Rapids went from a three brewery town to Beer City, USA. It's been an amazing journey for West Michigan brewers and beer enthusiasts alike. For over 20 years, the brewing philosophy at B.O.B.’s Brewery has remained grounded in a small set of core values: quality ingredients, time-honored brewing techniques, small-batch beers and nuanced flavor profiles. “Brewer John” Svoboda helms brewing operations at the brewery. A high school science teacher turned brewmaster, Brewer John could be called the Walter White of the West Michigan brewing scene. John has a passion for traditional German beer styles and a talent for creating unique one-offs. The relatively small footprint of B.O.B.’s Brewery allows John the opportunity to take some risks. With risk comes reward in the form of outstanding beer like Peanut Butter Porter, Tiramisu Stout and Hoptics Gosé, to name a few. Fittingly, the brewery resides in the cellar of The B.O.B.–and like a good stout–the space is eclectic, comfortable and a touch dark. If it all sounds a bit understated, it's by design. You see, the folks at B.O.B.'s Brewery don't have to worry about serving beer to the entire world. Their focus remains on serving one beer at a time… Yours.
B.O.B.'s Craft Beer Brewery