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AJ Finney
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May 23  8pm $10
May 24  7:15pm $15  9:45pm $15
May 25  7:15pm $20  9:45pm $20
Stylistically manic, artistically brilliant, AJ Finney is an eclectic midwesterner with a passion for the psychedelic scene of the Sixties. Comedy, jam bands and Volkswagens that's him. He's an eco-friendly, improvisational, sometimes philosophical, patchouli-soaked quipster. AJ's organic approach is refreshing and his poetic stream of consciousness style makes for a colorful and unforgettable comedic experience. In 2014 AJ was crowned "Best of the Midwest" winner at Gilda's LaughFest in Grand Rapids, was featured on the FOX television show Laughs, and was one of the 100 performers chosen for Season 8 of NBC's "Last Comic Standing."
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